Η βρεγμενη πετσετα…

24 Μάι.


Σαν τη βρεγμενη πετσετα που τη στραγγιζει και προσπαθεις να βγαλεις ολο το νερο και λες ‘ ακομα λιγο..ακομα λιγο..’ μεχρι να πονεσουν τα χερια σου, αλλα συνεχιζεις…και περιμενεις σταγονα – σταγονα …. Ετσι μας συμπεριφερονται οι κυβερνοντες !!!!!

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2 responses to “Η βρεγμενη πετσετα…

  1. Misa Kojic

    Μαΐου 29, 2011 at 8:47 ΜΜ

    I do not understand what are you waiting for and what you are looking for
    O laos ftei
    I lived in Greece 1985 -95 and I am happy that I was in the best years when Greece was Greece and when Greek were Greek
    Some new Greeks wanted instead of taverna – McDonalads, instead of skiladika – music hall, instead of small room on the beach – all inclusive with private spa wellness, beautiful Elinida – wanted to become Tzulia, instead of papaki and datsun fortigaki itele jeepaki, instead of narrow pants and leather jacket – oreo HUGO BOSS kostumi and at he end Olimpic games to show that Greece is the beggining of sport and culture
    Of course that cost too much…
    You wanted – pay it, time arrived. It is the end my friend, and pios ftei – kivernisi. Why. Whose goverment.
    My dear Greeks bring back Papatemeli to close ta buzukia and start to work, prices down that people can come to spend as it was in the past
    Sorry I am talking to much but distihos the sam I have in My Serbia 10 years later with war or without war end is the same
    Regards to my new friend, you are french and you can explain to your Greek husband and neibourghs
    Tous epiase xenomania

    • Ιζαμπέλ Δέδε

      Μαΐου 29, 2011 at 9:01 ΜΜ

      You’re absolutely right… But ,as I live here and as it seems I’m not going anywhere , I feel the urge to try to help … Of course you can imagine that , although someof my proposals are good enough to build something on, some people , who are in charge and could use them and do something , just won’t appreciate those ideas weren’t their own and as a consequence won’t even have a look at them, and some others just gave me congratulations so they can ensure my vote ( or so they beleive )…See you my friend



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