29 Μάι.


Why don’t you come and visit the Pidnas-Kolindrou Borough, Northern Greece?

Dear Sirs,

I would like to inform you that our area has some attractions that you may not be aware of.

Apart from our beaches in Methoni , Makrigialos and Pidna , there are also some beautiful sights one can see when visiting our area.

For example, in Methoni , not only is there a marina shelter, but there is also a natural habitat for birds and an archeological site.

Makrigialos is famous for its mussel cultivations and its mussel festival while Pidna is where we mine salt.

Kolindros is situated on the hills and it is no less beautiful than a small Italian town with its narrow streets where one can sit at a bar and sip a drink while enjoying the fresh air after a boiling hot day.

Also, there are festivities throughout the summer in Eginio.

In July, for example, there is a Music Festival, on 15th August and at the beginning of September there are traditional festivities and a ten-day trade fair/AgroFestival.

Our summer always starts with popular dance nights organized by the parents associations of the three primary schools of Eginio , where people can eat and dance throughout the night in the school yard for a very reasonable price. The money gathered is then used to help the maintenance of the premises.

This year, the popular dance nights will be held on 4th,11th , and 18th of June.

As tourists like to dance, these popular dances are a rare opportunity for them to mingle with the locals and have a good time while eating and dancing.

Please keep in mind that those are only a few of the numerous summer festivities.

Should you need any further information, I would be glad to help.

Yours faithfully

Isabelle Dedes

P.S. Photos can be seen on my face book… Album titled ‘ views of Pidnas-Kolindou Borough ‘ .

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    2 Ιουνίου, 2011 at 5:15 ΜΜ

    Μήπως αυτά τα λίγα λόγια να τα μοιράζαμε σε tour operators!! ή στους τουρίστες που έρχονται στην παραλία μας και δεν ξέρουν ότι γίνονται αυτές οι εκδηλώσεις;;;

  2. Ιζαμπέλ Δέδε

    2 Ιουνίου, 2011 at 8:40 ΜΜ

    Αυτο το εκανα ηδη την Κυριακη… καποιος ενδιαφερθηκε… θα δουμε τι θα καταφερουμε

  3. Γιώργος

    3 Ιουνίου, 2011 at 1:18 ΜΜ

    Αξιόλογη η επιστολή σου, περιεκτική και ενημερωτική .
    Παρέληψες την ωραία side river διαδρομή του Αλιάκμονα ,( on bicycle or by foot) από την Μεγ. Γέφυρα μέχρι την θάλασσα (35 KM περίπου).

    Βέβαια θα πρέπει να την διαβάσουν και οι τοπικοί άρχοντες και να δραστηριοποιηθούν στην καθαριότητα και στην καταπολέμηση των κουνουπιών

    Άξιες οι προσπάθειές σου



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